ZSDTRP Motorcycle Performance Hydraulic Clutch Brake Pump Cylinder Rod System performance efficient transfer Pump M10x1.25mm


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Product Description

  • Brand Name: ZSDTRP
  • Item Type: Ropes & Cables
  • Item Weight: 0.15kg
  • Special Features: Hydraulic Clutch Brake Pump
  • Item Width: 5cm
  • External Testing Certification: CCC
  • Model Name: SCL-2016070028
  • Item Diameter: 0cm
  • Item Height: 5cm
  • Year: universal
  • Item Length: 16cm
  • Material Type: Aluminium
  • Motobike Make: Yamaha


This is new model,has a bigger piston.

Color: Black,Red,Blue,Gold,Silver

Main Material: Aluminum

Whole Length: 161mm

Thread Size: M10x1.2mm

Fitment: Universal for most motorcycles

Quantity: 1 pc


Package Contents:

1 x Motorcycle hydraulic clutch brake pump


Installation method:

1. First fill the lower pump flat with brake fluid, no air, the wire port is large, you can see if there are bubbles inside. Pull the wire repeatedly to expel air bubbles completely.

2. Look at the screw in the picture above, and tighten the oil pipe with the screw. Do not tighten it. It is required that the side hole of the screw can be exposed.

3. This point is the key, and we must be optimistic. Connect the upper pump to the oil pipe and raise it, fill the upper pump oil cup with oil, and then press the handle several times (within 10 times) at will, then wait for 5-10 minutes now The side hole of the screw that is not tightened in the above figure will see the brake fluid flowing out. At this time, the screw is tightened and the exhaust is completed.

4. Pay attention to two points: 1 the tubing screw is tilted 45 degrees to the ground, and 2 the handle is pointed at 45 degrees to the sky. After these two angles are determined, repeatedly tap the pump and press the handle. Never use common methods of repairing cars! ! ! ! !

5. The inspection method after the hydraulic clutch exhaust is completed: 1 Push the lower pump wire to the inner end of the pump body, pinch the upper pump handle, and move the head end of the handle about 2-3 cm, it will not be pinched, which is correct. (Press the handle until it can't be pressed anymore, about 3 cm away from the handlebar, it means that the exhaust is completed, and it can be installed and debugged),

6. When installing the rocker arm, be sure to pull out all the steel wires and fix the pump to the clutch rocker arm. (Make sure that the steel wires are all stretched out when the clutch handle is released.) Fingers push the clutch rocker arm with no gap.


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