Prazata 4G Solar GPS Tracker 4000mAh Waterproof GPS Pet Locator For Cows Geo-fence SOS Voice Monitor Alarms Lifetime Free APP


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Product Description

  • Brand Name: prazata
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • GPS Geographic Location: europe
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Battery Life: 30 Hours & Up
  • Item Size: 65(L)*55(W)* 26(H)mm
  • Special Feature: Remote Control
  • GPS type: GPS Tracker
  • Model Name: RF-V24
  • Screen Size: No Screen
  • Gps Module: Yes
  • Out Power: 1-1.2W
  • Certification: CE
  • Main Unit Weight: 108g
  • Multiple Positioning Ways: GPS+WiFi+LBS +Beidou
  • Backup Battery: 4000mAh
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Suitable Pets: Cow, Horse, Sheep,Dog
  • Network: 4G LTE+3G WCDMA+2G GSM networks
  • Location Accuracy: GPS: 5-15m; WiFi: 15-100m;
  • Working Temperature: -20°C – +70°C
  • Features 1: GPS + Beidou positioning, with accuracy of 5m outdoors
  • Features 2: WIFI positioning, with accuracy of 30m indoors
  • Features 3: Solar charging automatically when sunlight exists
  • Main functions: Removal alarm,SOS button for urgent help
  • Functions 1: Loud siren for help/Historical route display/ Geo-fence/Ring to find the device/
  • Functions 2: Low battery/ SIM card changing alarm /High power LED prompt light/Step counting
  • Tracking Platform: LIFETIME FREE Web server and APP (Android & iOS)

4G Solar Powered GPS Tracker Pet Locator Waterproof IP67 4000mAh Tracker V24

Main features:

1.4G LTE+3G WCDMA+2G GSM networks
2.Waterproof IP67
3.GPS + Beidou positioning, with accuracy of 5m outdoors
4.WIFI positioning, with accuracy of 30m indoors
5.Web platform/ Phone App/ SMS for positions check
6.Solar charging automatically when sunlight exists
7.Removal alarm/Removal alarm/Low battery/ SIM card changing alarm
8.SOS button for urgent help
9.Loud siren for help/Ring to find the device
10.Historical route display/ Geo fence
11.High power LED prompt light
12.Step counting

Product specification:

1.Frequency bands:
4G FDD: Band 1/2/3/5/7/8/20/28
3G WCDMA: Band 1/2/5/8
2G GSM: Band 2/3/5/8
2.GPS locating time:
30sec with cold boot (open sky)
29sec with warm boot (open sky)
5sec with hot boot (open sky)
3.GPS positioning accuracy: 5-15m (open sky)
4.WIFI positioning accuracy: 15- 100m(Under WIFI range )
5.Working temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C .
6.Host size: 65(L)* 55(W)* 26(H)mm
7.Host Net weight: 108g
8.Battery capacity: 4000mAh

Solar auto-charging

Charge with the sunlight:When used outdoors, as long as there is sunlight, the tracker can be continuously charged.
Keep the standby time longer, and the App guides you to quickly track the target at any time.

Waterproof IP67

No matter whether it is windy or rainy, the device can work well.

Lifetime free tracking platform

1.Please scan the QR code with smart phone or search "Anytracking" in App store to download and install the tracking App.
2.Login the App with the 10 digits ID No. on device back label,default password is 123456.

Product display

Main Functions:

*Real time tracking: Display the last position of the GPS tracker, stay on the real-time tracking page, and the tracker will update the position every 5 minutes.
GPS location updating interval: Click the gear button in the upper right corner to enter the GPS uploading interval setting menu.The shorter the interval, the more accurate the positioning, but the correspondingly shorter standby time of the device, please set accordingly. It is generally recommended to choose every 10 minutes. If you are looking for the tracker, temporarily adjust it to once every 1 minute,and then adjust it back to every 10 minutes or 1 hour to ensure a longer standby time.
*Historical route: Display the historical route of any day in latest 90 days. You can choose whether to filter out LBS location data. (Note: LBS means the location data indoors,error can be large)
*Geo-fence: Add, check or cancel a geo fence.
GPS-fence: when the device gets into or out of the GPS-fence.The App will get alert. (note: we suggest the radius of GPS-fence over 300 meters to reduce false alerts.)
WIFI-fence: You can set 2 WIFI safe zones, when device leaves safe WIFI zones, the App will give notification.
*Health: To learn about the health status of animals through the App.
Health Steps: Click the gear button in the upper right corner of the APP page to enter the health pedometer setting page, set the time period, turn on the pedometer switch, and then you can know the animal's health status through the pedometer data.
Call the tracker: To make a call to the tracker when click it;
Voice monitoring: To request a one-way call from tracker to the number you type and hear the sound around tracker.
Settings: All settings need to work when App shows device online with the SIM card's data plan.
*About the device: Click the pencil icon on the upper right to enter the edit page, you can modify the device name, fill in the device phone, contact and guardian phone, and whether to filter LBS and WIFI positioning.
Change password: Change APP and Web platform 's password.
Main monitoring number: The number used for commands sending and SMS alerts receiving.
Set SOS number: At most 3 SOS numbers can be set. After setting, only the main monitor number and SOS numbers can call the tracker and hear sound around the it.
SMS alert switch: Turn on this setting to enable the tracker to send SMS alerts to main monitoring number.
Removal alarm: After turning on for more than 3 minutes,the tracker will send alerts when it is taken off from the wearer.
LED light: Turn on or off the light then easy to find the animals, there are 2 lighting modes: mode 1 is flash mode;mode 2 is always light on.
Signal light: Turn on or off the signal indicator lights in tracker;
Vibration sensitiveness setting: on /off by App, there are 4 levels for vibration sensitiveness, level 1 is the most sensitive,level 4 is the most insensitive.
Local alarm horn: Turn on or off local siren. Once it is on,the device will send out loud siren sound when alert is triggered.
Alarm mode: there are four alarm modes to choose,when the remove alarm/vibration alarm was triggered:
1. Alarm only to App;
2. Alarm notification to App and a call to main monitor number;
3. Alarm notification to App and send SMS to main monitor number;
4. Alarm notification to App, make a call and send SMS to main monitor number.
Safe mode: Once turned on, only the main monitoring number and SOS numbers can call to the tracker.
Find device: When activate this function, the tracker will send out ringtone for being found easily.
Device Language and time zone: Set tracker SMS alerts’language and time zone. Options are Chinese and English.
Remote power-off: To power-off the tracker remotely. After this setting, device can be turned on only manually.
Factory-Reset: To default the device back to factory settings.
Alarm list: To list all alerts sent by tracker.
Remind setting: To turn on or off App notifications and modes of them.
Logout: Log out from the App, and no more notification will be received from the tracking App.


Q: After inserting a SIM card, it can get SMS reply, but it displays“Not enabled" on the platform and APP.
A: Please check the tracker SIM Card has data plan.
Q: Device is online, but it shows“wait for the device responses”when you make settings with APP.
A: a. Device SIM signal is not good with poor data transfer;
b. Device is busy in other process. Please wait and try again.
Q: What to do when the device crashes?
A: Short press the RST hole with the removal pin,and then charge the device to restart it. Do not press the hole long time, otherwise it will get damaged.
Q: The SIM card has data plan, but the device still shows“Not enabled“or“offline”.
A: Please send below SMS command from your own cellphone to the tracker SIM card number to set APN into the tracker.
The command is: pw,1 23456,apn,apndata,user,password,MCCMNC code#
For example: pw, 123456,apn,internt,,78502#

Package List:

1* Solar GPS tracker host
1* USB magnet charging cable
1* User manual
1*Collar holder
1* Screw driver

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