One Button Start Stop Engine Universal Two-Way Car Alarm Remote Autostart Control Central Locking Security System Keyless Entry


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Product Description

  • Brand Name: STCSMARTECH
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: Anti-Theft Device Two-Way
  • Certification: NONE
  • Type Of Remote Control: With LCD Remote Control
  • Type Of Accessory: Special Parts Of Anti-Theft Device
  • Feature: Security Alert
  • Remote Controlled: Yes
  • Item 1: Remote start
  • Item 2: 2 way alarm
This product is suitable for 12V cars. The main circuit part adopts STMicroelectronics original chips, brand relays, solid capacitors, etc., with stable performance and reliable quality. The remote control chip is the original American MICROCHIP: two-way remote control chip, using superheterodyne radio frequency technology, the effective transmission distance can reach 1000 meters!
Product main function
1. Remote start/stop
2. Remote control central door lock arm/disarm
3. Central door lock automation (after starting to step on the foot brake to automatically lock the door, turn off the lock automatically)
4. Silent anti-theft mode
5.Secondary defense (automatic defense if the door is not opened for 30 seconds after unlocking)
6. Unlocked reminder / reminder that the door is not closed
7. Anti-theft alarm trigger recognition function
8. Warning function when the door is not closed
9. Remote control car search
10. Anti-theft vibration record/reminder
11. Emergency prevention
12. Emergency call
13. Anti-theft engine lock function (the vehicle cannot be started in the car after the door is locked)
14. Automatic defense (automatic defense 1 minute after turning off the door)
15. Anti-theft reminder (prompt the owner to guard after turning off and closing the door)
16. Open the suitcase remotely
17. Power off memory
18. Emergency reset function
A3 remote control↓↓↓↓↓↓
A5 remote control  ↓↓↓↓↓↓

Start Stop Button Engine System

Enter the car, close the door, step on the brake, and press the start button to start the car. After successful start, the red light in the middle of the button is on

Remote start

In the locked state, press the lock button for 3 times in a row to start the vehicle remotely. After successful startup, press the lock button again to turn off the car remotely

After you get off and press the remote control to lock the car, the vehicle will be automatically detected within 3-5 seconds.If the door is not closed, the car will continuously honk the horn and flash the light to remind the owner.
After the vehicle is locked, if the window is not raised, it will automatically raise the window.Note: Window lifters are required for vehicle installation.
The car travels at a speed of 15 yards and the doors are automatically locked all the way through.When you stop and turn off, the doors unlock automatically.
Tap the "find" button on the remote control and the car will continuously honk its horn and flash its light to remind the owner of its location.
Long press the lock button for 3 seconds to remotely open the trunk.Note: The original vehicle should have a trunk motor.
Long press the lock button for 3 seconds, the vehicle will enter the silent anti-theft mode, and long press the vehicle again to return to the audio anti-theft mode.
When the car is parked and the doors are closed, after one minute, the car will automatically be put on guard to avoid the loss of forgetting to lock the car.
The secondary security
After pressing the remote control to unlock the car, the vehicle will lock automatically if it detects that the door has not been opened within 30 seconds, and enter the anti-theft state again.
Security record
In the state of theft, the vehicle has been impacted by external forces, when the owner to unlock the door, will sound to remind the owner to detect the external situation of the vehicle.

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