DSP 4G Lte Android 11 8G+128G Car Multimedia Player for Toyota Prado 120 Land Cruiser 2002-2009 FM Radio Stereo IPS Tesla Screen


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Product Description

  • Brand Name: NAVIFANS
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Din: Double Din
  • Display Size: 9.7"
  • RAM: 8G
  • Resolution: 1024*768
  • For Vehicle Brands/Model: TOYOTA
  • ROM: 128G
  • Interface: plug and play
  • OSD Language: Chinese (Simplified)
  • OSD Language: Chinese (Traditional)
  • OSD Language: Albanian
  • OSD Language: Irish
  • OSD Language: Bulgarian
  • OSD Language: Polish
  • OSD Language: German
  • OSD Language: Russian
  • OSD Language: French
  • OSD Language: Filipino
  • OSD Language: Finnish
  • OSD Language: Korean
  • OSD Language: Dutch
  • OSD Language: Czech
  • OSD Language: Croatian
  • OSD Language: Latvian
  • OSD Language: Lithuanian
  • OSD Language: Romanian
  • OSD Language: Malay
  • OSD Language: Norwegian
  • OSD Language: Portuguese
  • OSD Language: Japanese
  • OSD Language: Swedish
  • OSD Language: Serbian
  • OSD Language: Slovak
  • OSD Language: Slovenian
  • OSD Language: Thai
  • OSD Language: Turkish
  • OSD Language: Ukrainian
  • OSD Language: Hebrew
  • OSD Language: Greek
  • OSD Language: Spanish
  • OSD Language: Hungarian
  • OSD Language: Italian
  • OSD Language: Hindi
  • OSD Language: English
  • OSD Language: Vietnamese
  • Out Power: 45*4W
  • Max External Memory: 256G
  • Digital Media Format: Mp3
  • Digital Media Format: Mp4
  • Digital Media Format: WMA
  • Digital Media Format: JPEG
  • Material Type: plastic and metal
  • TF/Micro SD Slot: 0
  • Special Feature: Built-In Speaker/Microphone
  • Special Feature: Wifi Function
  • Special Feature: Support Steering Wheel Control
  • Special Feature: Support 3G Network
  • Special Feature: Support 4G Network
  • Special Feature: Support Can-Bus
  • Certification: CE
  • Certification: FCC
  • Special Features: bluetooth
  • Special Features: Built-in GPS
  • Special Features: Charger
  • Special Features: FM Transmitter
  • Special Features: Mobile Phone
  • Special Features: MP3 Players
  • Special Features: Radio Tuner
  • Special Features: Touch Screen
  • Operating System: Android
  • Item Weight: 1.3kg
  • Voltage: 12V
1. our unit just support orignal car is "low level"
2. if your original car is for "high level" or have "JBL amplifier" sound system,our unit all not supprt,please don't buy
if you not clearn,when you buy before,please contact us. thanks

For Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120 2002 – 2009

 TS3/TS5/TS6/TS7 is for 7862 Series 

>> 7862 is Best Chip in the Market At Present, it Works Fastest Than All other type. which is better than PX6, 9853 , PX5, MTK and all other 4+64G type in the market. Compared to other type for radio, 7862 radio can download more kinds of Android APP from Android market, and APP can work better.

>> Upgrade the Android System,Android 11, API 29, 8Core, 8GB RAM, 128G ROM,Built-in 4G Net,Support 5Ghz WIFI. Unit back have do the Cooling fan,Built-in Wireless Carplay, Android Auto.


Car Multimedia Player kinds of parameter for you choose: 

> TS1: Built-in Wifi, Android, 4 Core, 1G+16G, 1024*768 IPS Screen
> TS2: Built-in Wifi, Android, 4 Core, 2G+32G, 1024*768 IPS Screen,wireless Carplay+wired Android Auto
> TS9863 : 4G Lte +Wifi, Android 11, 8 Core, 2G+32G, 1024*768 IPS Screen, Built-in Carplay, Android Auto, DSP+RDS, Cooling fan
> TS3 : 4G Lte +Wifi, Android 11, 8 Core, 3G+32G, 1024*768 IPS Screen, Built-in Carplay, Android Auto, DSP+RDS, Cooling fan
> TS4 : 4G Lte +Wifi, Android 11, 8 Core, 4G+64G, 1024*768 IPS Screen, Built-in Carplay, Android Auto, DSP+RDS, Cooling fan
> TS5 : 4G Lte +Wifi, Android 11, 8 Core, 4G+64G, 1024*768 IPS Screen, Built-in Carplay, Android Auto, DSP+RDS, Cooling fan
> TS6 : 4G Lte +Wifi, Android 11, 8 Core, 6G+128G, 1024*768 IPS Screen, Built-in Carplay, Android Auto, DSP+RDS, Cooling fan
> TS7 : 4G Lte +Wifi, Android 11, 8 Core, 8G+128G, 1024*768 IPS Screen, Built-in Carplay, Android Auto, DSP+RDS, Cooling fan

Unit back do for cooling fan

the cooling fan can deal with and solve the abnormal operation caused by high temperature in summer and long-term use of the machine,such as restart ,abnormal touch,abnormal fucntion,etc.(Note For TS1/TS2 no cooling fan,if you need please go for purchase)

built in Carplay&android auto

it have android auto and wirelss carplay both function too,do not need to buy extra dongle. easy to use phone app in the big headunit screen (Note: TS1 haven't this function)

Support Steering Wheel Control

take control of the music or use hands-free calling functions,safety and concerntrate on the road driving.

Multiple language



Ai Voice Control Support

Just say the command word will do the job for you, for example open Navigation, open music, play video…. It contains more than 25 fixed commands for 10 countries, make your drive more easy and safe.(Note: if you need this function,please click this photo go buy together)

TS9863-TS7 Support 360 Panoramic Camera

360°Panoramic camera is a car safety feature.The surrounding cameras simultaneously collect images around the vehicle and transmit them to the image processing unit. After a series of image processing, a panoramic overhead view around the vehicle is finally formed and displayed on the screen, intuitively presenting the location and surrounding conditions of the vehicle.

(note: This is optional,if you need this functions,please click this photo go buyer it together)

4G Lte SIM Car interent

Support 4G Lte,insert the 4G card,you can watch live,listen to msuci online,watch movies,and make your car seamlessly onnected to the internet at any time(TS1 TS2 haven't this functions)


Built-in GPS Navigation

the device has igo map app,and could suppport sygic ,waze and other extra app too,would not worry about to get lost and make right direction.

DSP Processor

multi-dimensional surround lossless sound effects,enjoy high-definition audio visual feast (TS1 TS2 haven't this functions)

FM / AM RDS Radio

it supports automatic search and manual search,you can drag the icon of target station and replace it into channel list.(TS1/TS2 NO RDS)


Support Full AV Output

the video to the headrest screen,also support the HDMI-compatible.but AV port and HDMI adapter need buy it alone(TS1/TS2 no support)

1080P Video

true color 24 HD-Display,support perfect APE music 3D acceleration allows fluent playbackat any section of you USB/SD Quality video.

Support Split Screen PIP

split screen Functions-the ability to simultaneously launch two applications on the screen:for example,you can start navigation in one part of the screen,and the radio or a list of favorte songs in the other.


IPS Screen 1024*768 Resoltuion

IPS screen changed the arrangement of TFT liquid crystal molecules,so that has a greate visual,better color reduction,more realistic pictrure

Support BT

connect your phone BT,hdans-free dialing support steering wheel buttons listenensure your driving safety


Support 5Ghz Wifi

5Ghz WIFI means,that the frequency of the WIFI signal is 5G,and the frequency of ordinary WIFI is 2.4G compared with 2.4G wifi,5G wifi has the advantages of stronger anti-interference ability and faster speed.(TS1 TS2 haven't this functions)


Support ADAS DVR 

> you can watch videos on the radio by connecting USB easy to connect and easy to watch.this feature can capture events that occur whilst driving,providing safety features such as collision footage.make you safer on the road

Support AHD Camera

when the car in reverse gear,this car radio will automatically switch to the back-up camera image view with parking line.

for TS9863-TS7 support 1080P AHD camera,if you need can go buy it together.


Support OBD2 / TPMS / DAB+

> with the OBDll function available on this unit, you can monitor the real-time data and fault code received from the vehicle's computer

> TPMS this sensors will automatically monitor tire pressure and temperature,Tral-time statistics to the receiver

> DAB + adapter, digital audio broadcasting

How to use Cooling fan?

1)for cooling fan plug and connecto rca wire plug

2) go factory setting > Device-sound "AMP" turn "ON"

How to set steering wheel controls

1) If there is no canbus, please refer picture to set it

2) if there is canbus in the package,please connect canbus first, then refer picture to set the car model, choose right car information, reboot, it will work automatically

A: For M200S-M700S setting canbus type step:

> frist you need connect well the plug and canbus box like photo show > find app "settings" > "factory" (password 3368) > "Car Model", then choose the correct canbus type

B: For M100S-M150S setting canbus type step:
> connect the wire and canbus like photo show > connect the wifi >.find app "settings" > "car settings" >."extra settings"(password : 8888) > "Model choose", then choose the correct canbus type

How to Setting the Language

find "setting" > user > language > choose you need the language

How to connect DVR

1) Connect DVR USB cable to radio usb port

2)find the app "FileManager",install the DVR apk

3) show installed ,open the app it can work

How to connect the rear camera

1) Red cable ① is connected to the backup light "+"

2) black cable ② is connected to the backup light "-"

3) The reversing detection cable ③ Brown color)is connected to the red cable ④ which extending from the video input cable
4) ⑤ cable does not need to be connected


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