A+ Car Jump Starter C158 C-158 12V Battery Power Bank No Battery Inside Super Capacitor Unlimited use ChargeTime Less 3 Minutes


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Product Description

  • Brand Name: OBDIICAT
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Battery Capacity(mAh): >30000
  • Peak Current: 1000 A
  • Conversion Rate: >90%
  • Number Of Built-in Batteries: >6
  • External Testing Certification: FCC
  • External Testing Certification: ROHS
  • External Testing Certification: ce
  • Item Weight: 1.5
  • Fast Charge: One Way Fast Charge
  • Certified: ce
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Special Features: USB
  • for engine capacity 1.6L-3.0L: Max start 13 times
  • for engine capacity 3.5L-5.0L: Max start 5 times

This manual contains important safety and operating instructions . Please save these instructions keep with or near appliance at all times . 



a.Working in the vicinity of a lead-acid battery can be dangerous. Batteries generate explosive gases                 during normal battery operation.
   b.For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that prior to each use of your super capacitor jump starter,
       you read and follow the instructions provided exactly.
   c.The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision. Young               children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
2. Read the manufacturer’s manual for the vehicle being started, the manufacturer may have specific
   cautions and instructions regarding emergency starting procedures.
3. Apply the handbrake and select neutral or “park” before attempting to jump start.
4. Ensure that the ignition switch and all ancillary electrical equipment is switched off.
5. To reduce risk of a battery explosion, follow these instructions and those marked on the battery.
6. NEVER smoke or allow an open spark or flame in the vicinity of the battery or engine.
7. Do not expose the super capacitor jump starter to moisture, heat, rain or snow.
8. Do not leave in direct sunlight.
9. Use of an attachment not recommended or sold by the manufacturer may result in a risk of fire, electric          shock, or injury to persons.
10. Do not use the super capacitor jump starter unless the battery voltage matches the output voltage rating.
11. Do not operate the super capacitor jump starter in a closed-in area or restrict ventilation in any way.
12. Do not operate the super capacitor jump starter with damaged cord. If the cord is damaged, the
      appliance should be scrapped.
13. Do not operate the super capacitor jump starter if it has received a sharp blow, been dropped, or                    otherwise damaged in any way. Take it to a qualified repair station or local dealer.
14. Do not disassemble the super capacitor jump starter. Take it to a qualified repair station or local dealer          when service or repair is required. Incorrect reassembly may result in a risk of electric shock or fire.
15. Referenced jump start testing after full charged. for engine capacity 1.6L-3.0L Max start 13 times. 3.5L-          5.0L Max start 5 times.
16. When not in use, switch off and store in cool and dry place out of the reach of children.
Important Notice: DO NOT use other DC output cords than the one supplied or use an extension cords as it could result in damage to the unit which will not be covered by warranty.
Attention :The appliance have a wrong polarity protection circuitry built in –But as a good practice , never allow the two clamps touch each other . 
Operation instruction:

1. The device is designed for car jump start while running out voltage of car battery.


 a. Cannot start vehicle because of low voltage of car battery, Connects the device to12V car battery by

         alligator clamps, red clamp to positive and black clamp to negative,It will transfer all the rest electric

         power to the device capacities from car battery and indicates CHARGING on device screen. By press

         START to start vehicle while indicates FULL CHARGE on device within 10 minutes. If not indicates    

FULL CHARGE after 10 minutes,means the car battery is running out of voltage. In this case, Please

         charge the device via power bank,DC adapter or other car battery, after indicates FULL CHARGEondevice

         screen within 10 minutes. Then press START button to start vehicle.

    b. If still can not get it charged for start vehicle from above mentioned operations.

        Please use backup ways to recharge the device such as car battery,power bank,laptop etc.


    a. Device full Charged, Press START delays 10S (Red button) button to TURN ON and Hold START

        delays 10S(Red button) button to TRURN OFF.

    b. Device will TURN ON automatically under charging, Unavailable to TURN OFF

    c. Device will TURN OFF automatically after 30 minutes without operations and power supply.


    a. TURN ON device and indicates FULL CHARGE, Connect theClamps correctly with car battery.

    b. Press START delays 10S(red button) button, The device will display countdown in 10S. and after 10S,         

      there will be display “TURN ON NOW ”. The buzzer will also beep to indicate ready to start engine.               

      During the process of counting down, press the START delays 10S (red button) button again to cancel         

      the 10S countdown,This humanized design is convenient for one person to operate,there is enough               

      time to enter the driving position after pressing the button.

    c. Press START(green button) to enter the start-up directly. This is convenient for two people to operate at

        the same time.

    d. The device will display “UNDER VOLTAGE,CHARGE PLEASE” if operating under low battery.


    a.Press LANGUAGE BUTTON(yellow button) to enter languange selecting screen.

    b.Select the proper language then press ENTER (blue button) to confirm and EXIT.


Over Load & Short Circuit Protection
 – For overload & short circuit (start procedures are unsuccessful), the appliance
generates alert (hurried beep) to warn the user, the “ENGINE” symbol will flash, please check if there is any internal fault 

or the engine is out of the jump starter’s capability. Once remove the alligator clamps, the appliance will stop generating hurried beep.

Reverse Polarity Protection

 – If reverse polarity connected, the appliance generates alert (hurried beep) to warn the user, the“CAR BATTERY” symbol will flash alternating, please remove alligator clamps and reconnect correctly. Once remove the alligator clamps, the appliance will stop generating hurried beep.

Over Charged Protection

 – If the DC input or the alligator clamps receive abnormal high voltage from external sources, the appliance generates alert (hurried beep) to warn the user, the “BAD BATTERY” symbol will flash, please remove alligator clamps or DC input source and double check to ensure the input voltage is correct. Once remove the alligator clamps, the appliance will stop generating hurried beep.

Over Temperature Protection

 If the appliance is used intensively or under extreme high temperature, micro-processor 
controlled electronic circuitry will prohibit the jump start feature. Please try again after a moment or use under suitable 

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